Lifetime Achievement Award - Sponsored by HIllarys

This award will be given to a woman who has made an outstanding contribution to the business community. No nominations are required for this category as the winner of this award will be put forward by the judging panel.

Businesswoman of the Year - Sponsored by Fraser Brown

This award will be given to an outstanding example of a businesswoman operating in Nottinghamshire. The winner of this award will be chosen by the editor of the Nottingham Post. No nominations are required.

Apprentice of the Year - Sponsored by Babington 

This category recognises the best female apprentice. We are looking for nominations for apprentices from any sector of the business community. Nominees should be role models for other apprentices and be performing well on their apprenticeship.

Rising Star - Sponsored by east midlands airport

This category recognises women who own or run new businesses or are fast rising career professionals working in Nottinghamshire. They should be able to demonstrate that they are progressing within their chosen profession, or that their business has consistently achieved growth.

Sole Trader of the Year - sponsored by...

For women who work for themselves and run their business as an individual, this category celebrates the success and contribution made by sole traders in Nottinghamshire. Whether they are individuals who run businesses or women who are making a living by operating as a sole trader.

Inspirational Woman of the Year - Sponsored by experian

This award is for a women who inspire and motivate others, or those who have overcome exceptional circumstances. The winner of this category will inspire others either through the example they set or through their own achievements. Nominees can either be outstanding leaders in their fields who inspire colleagues and others around them, or women who are achieving success in their chosen careers despite having to overcome adversity or challenges. 

Women in Public Service - Sponsored by...

This category will recognise the achievements of inspirational leaders working for the local authorities, the health service, police, fire service or any other public service organisation. The award will recognise the positive impact women in the public sector have upon the communities they serve.

New Business of the Year - Sponsored by Eversheds SUTHERLAND

This award recognises new business start-ups. Nominees should be running a business which has great potential to succeed, create job and contribute to their local economy. Nominees should be businesses which have been established within the last 18-months. 

Women in Construction - Sponsored by willmott dixon

While the construction industry is traditionally a male dominated, there are now more women than ever working in the sector. We aim to highlight outstanding examples of women working in the construction industry and we hope that celebrating their achievements will encourage other females to choose a career in the construction industry. 

Digital Ambassador - Sponsored by...

The digital sector is one of the fastest growing in the UK. This category is for people whose job is related to working online. From web development to social media and app creation. This could include entrepreneurs who have built thriving digital businesses or employees who have helped the company they work for to grow their digital expertise.

Women in Manufacturing - Sponsored by... 

For leading women in manufacturing, this award promotes the opportunities for women in the manufacturing industry by highlighting the achievements of entrepreneurs and professionals working in this industry. Nominees should either be leading or working for a Nottinghamshire manufacturer. They should be able to demonstrate that they are supporting the growth of their company's success through their leadership, contribution or achievements.

Female Executive of the Year - Sponsored by deloitte

This award will recognise female executives who have shown outstanding leadership and are tremendous champions for their company. Nominees should be women who run businesses or have a role in the running of a Nottinghamshire business. They should demonstrate that their contribution contributes to the success of a company or business growth.

Small Business of the Year - Sponsored by Harper Recruitment Group

This category will highlight the best female owned small business in Nottinghamshire. Nominations are welcome from across all sectors. They should demonstrate that they have achieved consistent business growth since the business was established.


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